Who are we?

  • We are a small family business based in Brisbane, Australia. We specialise in artwork and designs utilising laser cutting and engraving, and sublimation onto various items.

Where are you based?

  • We are based just north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Can you use my design to create something for me?

  • Yes! Art Forge specialises in both our own custom designs which can be purchased through our Etsy store, or we can cut, engrave or sublimate your own designs.Please look at our Artwork Guide for instructions on how you can provide us with your design.

Can you design something based on my idea?

  • We have an in house designer who can work with you to bring your design to life.Please note there are fees involved for their time as well as producing the final product.

    Contact us here to enquire!

Can you customise an item you already have for sale?

  • Some of our items require customisation when ordering (name necklaces, branding tags, cake toppers etc) so please ensure to include these details when ordering from our online store.In other cases we can absolutely do this. Please note that significant changes may be treated as a custom project and subject to a separate quote.

    If you’re not sure, please contact us to enquire!

Can you send me samples?

  • We are happy to send through some Art Forge branded sample items.Please contact us to enquire.

Can I contact you via phone or can you call me?

  • We are currently only processing requests online via email or our website.This allows us to respond as quickly as possible, without setting unrealistic expectations on availability to accept and make phone calls.

    If you do feel a conversation is needed to discuss your project, please note this when you contact us online.

Are you a registered Australian business?

  • Why yes, yes we are:Business Name: Art Forge
    ABN: 94 701 421 998

Can I visit your work studio?

  • Sadly we are not accepting visits at this stage.We will however be continuing our attendance at a number of Australian conventions throughout 2018 and would love to say g’day!

    Check out our Events page and Like our Facebook page for up-to-date details on where we’ll be!

How can I contact you?

  • Team Art Forge can be contacted via a number of means, the primary ones being:Contact Us Page 

    We can also be contacted on most social media networks and we appreciate your participation with our efforts there.


How much will it cost for my design?

  • There are many factors to consider when producing a custom design such as –
    • Digital file setup
    • Size
    • Material
    • Quantity
    • Construction (if applicable)
    • Shipping

    We request that you please contact us for a quote so we can ensure to provide the most accurate prices for your project.

    Discounts may apply for certain quantities.

    We will not provide a quote without artwork or a design as this would at best be a ‘guesstimate’ and not necessarily accurate to the final cost to you.

    If you do not have artwork or a design ready, we have an in-house designer who can work with you to bring your design to life.

    Please note there are fees involved for their time as well as producing the final product.

    Contact us here to enquire!

Do you provide discounts?

  • Yes.For custom designs, this will be advised at the point of quote if applicable.

    For products within our Shoppe, discounts are listed based on quantities ordered.

Can I have a coupon code?

  • We will occasionally have coupon codes available through our Etsy store.Please follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out!


What material can you work with?

  • We work with several laser-safe materials including woods, acrylic, cardboard, textiles and more.You can find out more information about our laser able items on our Laser Materials page.

    For a list of items we can sublimate your artwork, logo or design onto, please review the list on our Sublimation Materials page.

    If you are looking for a material that we do not stock, please contact us to enquire as we may be able to source this for you!

What is the maximum material size?

  • For Laser Cutting & Etching:
    • We can work with material sheets up to 600 x 300mm (24 x 12 inch).Material thickness can vary depending on the material being cut. See our Materials page for details.

      If you are considering a larger design, please contact us as we still may be able to assist.

  • For Sublimation:
    • We can work with material up to A4 in size.

Can you cut or etch an item that I provide to you?

  • We would be happy to personalise an item that you already own. Please note however that in some cases this may not be possible.Please contact us to confirm the details.

    If we have not worked with the material that your item is made from before, you or your supplier may need to provide us with Safety Data Sheet to ensure there are no toxic or harmful chemicals.

Can you cut or etch metal?

  • We cannot cut or etch metal at this time.We can mark metal, using a chemical liquid that bonds to the metal. This leaves a permanent black marking on the metal’s surface.


How much is shipping to my location?

  • All orders within Australia are shipped using Sendle. International orders will be sent using Australia Post.Custom orders will receive a calculated shipping cost as a part of all custom order quotes.

Do you ship internationally?

  • You bet! Shipping includes international delivery.At the moment we are using Australia post to deliver overseas, however we may include other freight options in the future.

Do you offer free shipping?

  • From time to time we will offer promotional free shipping. When available this will be an option at checkout, make sure you select it.Also, as with other coupon codes, check out our social sites for any coupons that are released – sometimes these include free shipping!

How long does shipping take?

  • This will, of course, vary based on where you are located.We wanna be like the Flash. He’s super fast. We’ll be fast too. Maybe not that fast…
    But we’ll sure try. Zoom-zoom!

    As all orders are custom created, we will endeavor to process and ship your order within 10 days of receiving payment.

    If your order requires a rush priority, please contact us and we will always endeavour to accomodate you.

I’d like to use express shipping or a courier for my delivery.

  • We currently ship all domestic orders using Sendle, a courier service. Express shipping can be arranged via Australia Post should that be your preference.Please indicate you’d like a courier when requesting a quote.

Can I pick-up my order from your work studio?

  • Depending on the size of the order we can arrange for pick-up during business hours, Monday – Friday.Please note pick-ups need to be organised and confirmed prior to the pick-up date.


How long will my order take?

  • For custom orders this will vary based on the details you provide to us for your design project and the materials required. Please contact us for a quote.For items in our Etsy store, these are typically processed and sent within 10 days.

    Delivery times will then depend on shipping method selected.

    If your order requires a rush priority, please contact us and we will always endeavour to accomodate you.

Is there a minimum order amount?

  • For products within our online Etsy store, you will find available quantities listed.For Custom Orders, we are happy to make a single item for you.

    This is usually helpful if you would like a customised sample before ordering a large amount of the same item.

    We do provide discounts for large orders.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • To keep things secure, we only accept payments via Paypal.This means that you can pay using your credit or debit cards, or your PayPal balance.

Can you invoice me and I’ll pay later?

  • At this stage all payments must be up front.For large custom orders, we may consider a split payment with a payment before the order and one on delivery.

I have an urgent order! Can you process it right away?

  • If you have an urgent order we will always try and assist where we can.If the order is for a customised item please ensure that when you contact us you advise the urgency. If you have a dead-line please include this.

    If ordering from our Etsy Store, please note in your order comments any urgency, and ensure you select Express Post.